Covid recovery at Forest School

It is my belief that a huge part of our personal and emotional recovery from Covid has to include rediscovering our connection to nature.
Sharing my nature connection with my own children has been such a source of comfort and gives time and space for reflection and a sense of joy and excitement.
During the hardest most challenging times in my life, nature connection showed me the way through and gave me space to breathe. It’s the same for our children, they don’t need to catch up with “missed learning”, they need time and space to discover themselves, play with their friends and to heal. Nature connection takes time and space and is more than just contact with nature, it is about loving the natural world and realising that we are a part of nature, this is something that our children discover for themselves with gentle guidance at our Forest School sessions.
The impact Forest School has on participants' self-esteem and confidence is spectacular. By facilitating gentle exposure to new skills and learning at their own pace, risky play, collaboration and challenge and respect and total acceptance of individuals, meeting everyone where they’re at really does change the lives of participants, and everyone involved, the young and not so young.